Push Packs from Romaco Siebler

Benefits at a glance

Push Packs are push-through sealed strips from Romaco Siebler. This innovative packaging form can be opened like a blister. Yet as far as the material costs are concerned, Push Packs are much cheaper than comparable Al/Al blisters.

Innovative strip packaging

Together with film and foil specialist Huhtamaki, Romaco Siebler has just come up with a new packaging form for pharmaceutical solids: Romaco Siebler Push Packs. This push-through strip packaging can be opened like a blister by pressing the tablet out of the pack with the thumb. Owing to their excellent barrier properties, the new four-sided sealed foil packs are ideal for air, light and moisture sensitive products. Furthermore, this type of unit dose packaging does not tear and is therefore regarded as child resistant. Push Packs are also senior friendly because the tablets are easy to remove from the foil.

Economical alternative to Al/Al blisters

Push Packs are a good alternative to cold formed Al/Al (aluminium-aluminium) blisters. Although both of these primary packaging forms demonstrate excellent barrier properties, far less foil material is required to manufacture Push Packs than to make Al/Al blisters. This is because the Push Pack packaging foil is much thinner and weighs less than Al/Al blister foil. The lower material consumption leads to a significant reduction in packaging costs: in direct comparison with Al/Al blisters, Siebler Push Packs are up to 60% cheaper.

Reduced material consumption

When it comes to sustainability and environmental compatibility, the lower consumption of packaging material is a real benefit of Push Packs that cannot be matched by Al/Al blisters. Push Packs are manufactured from a five-layer, laminated, PVC-free foil. At present, users can choose between 9 µm and 25 µm as the aluminium foil thickness. The smaller cavities in relation to Al/Al blisters moreover prolong the product's shelf life because Push Pack cavities have smaller air pockets.

Surface printable on both sides

Since the cavities are smaller, Push Packs tend to have a larger printable surface than Al/Al blisters. This extra space can be used, for instance, for targeted marketing messages. Not only this but Push Packs can also be printed on both sides. Apart from the cost saving, Push Packs thus give pharmaceutical manufacturers more options for marketing their products.

Push Packs: innovative push-through strips from Romaco Siebler

Easy to open: simply press the tablets out of the strip