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Romaco Siebler teams up with Huhtamaki

Innovative push-through strips

Together with its industry partner Huhtamaki, Romaco Siebler has developed a push-through strip packaging for pharmaceuticals.

Together with Huhtamaki, the film and foil specialist, Romaco Siebler offers a push-through strip packaging for pharmaceuticals. The tablets can be removed simply by pressing them out of the pockets in the four-sided sealed foil pack. This innovative push-through strip thus combines the excellent barrier properties of strip packaging with the opening mechanism of blister formats. In direct comparison with cold formed aluminium blisters, the push-through strip scores with its lower consumption of packaging material. The thinner foil of the heat-sealed strips enables cost savings here. The new push-through strips are manufactured either from a multilayer laminated PET-PE-Al-PE/Surlyn foil or from a transparent barrier foil. The material does not tear and can therefore be regarded as child resistant. Thanks to the targeted perforation of the upper polyester layer, the pack can be opened simply by pressing the tablet out of the laminated foil with the thumb. The push-through strips are also senior friendly and as such a good alternative to tear-open strip packaging or aluminium-aluminium blisters. Huhtamaki has a patent pending for the manufacturing process used for this special foil.

Romaco's new push-through strips can be supplied either in the standard rectangular format or as so-called design strips. A Siebler HM 1-350 heat-sealing machine equipped with a special die-cutter is used to manufacture special formats. The continuous cutting station supports both round strip formats and heart, petal or even star-shaped ones. The Siebler HM 1-350 achieves a maximum output of 800 design strips per minute. The production of push-through strips in a heat-sealing process expands Romaco's portfolio in the area of air, light and moisture-tight unit dose packaging.

Push-through strips from Romaco Siebler