Romaco at P-MEC India in Delhi NCR

Launch of the Noack NBL 400 blister line

Romaco’s new Noack NBL 400 blister line is set to make its public debut at P-MEC 2018. The manufacturer will also celebrate the official opening of its new Sales & Service Centre Romaco India and show numerous highlights from its Processing, Tableting and Packaging portfolio.

The official opening of the Sales & Service Centre Romaco India in Mumbai marks another milestone in Romaco’s drive to get even closer to the customer. For the first time, Romaco will be represented at P-MEC 2018 with its own Sales and Service Team, who will demonstrate new features and highlights of the Noack, Macofar, Kilian and Innojet product brands to interested trade visitors.

Romaco Noack NBL 400 blister line

Romaco’s new Noack NBL 400 blister line was specifically designed to meet the needs of the Asian pharmaceutical markets. With an output of 400 blisters and up to 300 cartons per minute, this durable line is ideal for medium batch sizes. An integrated solution comprised of a blister machine with rotary sealing and a continuous motion cartoner, it is very easy to use. Machine operators require no specialist technical know-how to work on the blister packaging line and carry out product and format changes. That is why the robust Noack NBL 400 is also recommended as an entry level model for contract packers and pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking to expand their business with solid products. What’s more, nearly all format parts of the Noack 921 blister machine, which is firmly established in the market, are also compatible with Romaco’s new Noack NBL 400 blister line. Here, too, the new blister technology convinces with outstanding versatility and excellent value for money. Regarding product feeding, the Noack NBL 400 allows very flexible configurations. Tablets and capsules with different specifications can be placed in the blister cavities either individually or using a brush-box feeder. The products can also be fed manually, which is mainly an advantage with sample packs or with very small or clinical batches. The NBL 400 from Romaco Noack is capable of processing any standard thermoformable laminate and can also be employed in the manufacture of aluminium-aluminium blisters. Romaco trusts in BlisterMagic, its innovative software solution, to design the cavity geometries and develop individual packaging layouts. This innovative tool provides a very quick and easy route to customise blister packaging. Users of the Noack NBL 400 blister packaging line also profit from Romaco’s expert support when it comes to packaging designs.

Romaco Macofar MicroMaxX 18 microdosing machine

The Romaco Macofar MicroMaxX 18 microdosing machine processes pharmaceutical powders with different flow properties as well as freeze-dried products and sterile liquids. The system is equipped with a dual dosing disc which allows multiple dosing into the same vial; alternatively, the product can be filled in two separate process steps. Furthermore, even very small product quantities right down to 25 mg can be dosed precisely. Thanks to an innovative in-line weighing system, one hundred percent weight control is now possible for the first time. The machine achieves a maximum filling speed of 12,000 vials per hour. Up to 18,000 vials an hour are possible in the version with statistical weight control. The Romaco Macofar MicroMaxX 18 can be supplied in different containment designs. Automated processes ensure reliable operation and meet the high cGMP requirements for dosing sterile powders and liquids.

Romaco Kilian K 720 double-sided rotary press

The tablet presses in the Romaco Kilian K series are specially tailored to the needs of the Asian market and impress with their excellent value for money. The K 720 double-sided rotary press was configured by Romaco Kilian for the production of mono and bi-layer tablets and can be switched flexibly between the two operating modes. This high speed press has a maximum output of 1,000,000 tablets per hour. The technology is used both in the pharmaceutical industry and in the non-pharmaceutical sector, and is particularly suited for compressing effervescent tablets, nutraceuticals and drugstore items. The systematic reduction of product loss was a top priority when Romaco Kilian developed the K series. Amongst other features, this is achieved by means of product scrapers, which are in constant contact with the die table surface due to magnetic force.

Single-sided rotary press for bi-layer and effervescent tablets: Romaco Kilian KTP 590X

Another exhibit will be the KTP 590X, a model in the successful KTP-X series from Romaco Kilian. The KTP 590X is an extremely versatile single-sided rotary press which can be used to manufacture both mono-layer and bi-layer tablet formats. Bi-layer tablets can be compressed at any time on the version with three compression rollers. The tablet press is equipped for this purpose with two standard fill shoe modules, which distribute the powder uniformly in the die. Thanks to the optimised paddle design, even poorly flowing or sticky powders can be processed efficiently and compressed homogeneously. With its three separate compression stations, the Kilian KTP 590X is equally suited for manufacturing effervescent tablets. The powder is tamped initially to prevent air pockets and capping. It is then pre-compressed and finally converted into finished tablets in the main compression unit. The dwell time is significantly longer owing to the use of Kilian 28/41 tooling, meaning harder tablets can be made. All in all, the Romaco Kilian KTP 590X single-sided rotary press boasts a maximum output of up to 510,000 tablets per hour, even in bi-layer mode.

Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evolution tableting robot

The Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evolution single-stroke press is the ideal solution for laboratory applications, whether for developing new formulations or for scale-up tests. It achieves a maximum output of 1,750 tablets per hour in configurations for mono-layer, multilayer or core tablets. The compression cycles have been speeded up by more than 60% and the maximum compression force increased to 50 kN in order to simulate high speed presses. Compression force profiles for all standard rotary presses like the Romaco Kilian KTP 420X can now be determined at full power. ANALIS, the intelligent PAT software, calculates all relevant tableting parameters based on compression force or displacement controlled cycles. The remarkable precision of the test batches means powder properties can be analysed very realistically. The STYL’ONE Evolution can thus also be utilised to optimise processes or troubleshoot errors.

Romaco Innojet VENTILUS® V 5 processing machine

The VENTILUS® V 5 processing machine from Romaco Innojet is suitable for both aqueous polymer solutions and hot melt coating formulations. The laboratory-scale version of the Romaco Innojet VENTILUS® V 5 is used for particle sizes from 10 µm to 2 mm. Only one product container is required for the granulation, drying and coating steps. Due to its special design and enhanced processing efficiency, the VENTILUS® V 5 allows up to 85% shorter batch times with hot melt coating applications and up to 25% with polymer coatings. The homogeneous flow conditions inside the cylindrical product container enable extremely gentle intermixing of the batch and hence play a crucial role here. The air flow bed technology ensures accurate control of the product movement and equally precise application of the spray liquids. The process air is controlled by the ORBITER booster, an ingenious container bottom consisting of overlapping circular plates. Together with the ROTOJET, the central bottom spray nozzle, the booster forms an innovative functional unit that meets all the requirements for linear scale-ups.

On show at P-MEC India in Delhi NCR from December 12 to 14, 2018 (India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Stand 10.C03 SS 1).

Romaco Noack NBL 400 blister line

Romaco Macofar MicroMaxX 18 microdosing machine

Romaco Kilian K 720 double-sided rotary press

Romaco Kilian KTP 590X single-sided rotary press for bi-layer and effervescent tablets

Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evolution single-stroke press

Romaco Innojet VENTILUS V 5 processing machine