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Romaco at CIPM China in Changsha

Global recognition as a high-performance single-source supplier

The Romaco Group’s latest machinery developments will be on show for the first time in China in the new corporate industrial design. The company presents a very broad portfolio of packaging and processing technologies in the form of its Innojet, Kilian, Promatic and Macofar brands.

Romaco Promatic PCI 915 intermittent motion cartoner

The Promatic PCI 915 intermittent motion cartoner features Romaco’s new corporate industrial design and is particularly suited for secondary packaging of blisters, strips and vials. This compact cartoner only has a very small footprint and achieves a maximum output of 160 cartons a minute. The ergonomic system concept of the PCI 915 simplifies operation and reduces downtime. For the first time, the containers for rejected products, leaflets and cartons are freely accessible and can be removed and emptied without interrupting operation. Product and packaging changes can be completed quickly and easily without tools. Formats are designed according to the poka-yoke principle to prevent parts from being incorrectly assembled. The cartoner’s cGMP compliant balcony architecture moreover speeds up line clearance. All in all, the better visibility on the processes improves operating reliability. The highly automated Promatic PCI 915 provides reproducible parameters and high quality end products.

Romaco Macofar MicroMaxX 18 microdosing machine

The Romaco Macofar MicroMaxX 18 microdosing machine processes pharmaceutical powders with different flow properties as well as freeze-dried products and sterile liquids. The system is equipped with a dual dosing disc which allows multiple dosing into the same vial; alternatively, the product can be filled in two separate process steps. Furthermore, even very small product quantities right down to 25 mg can be dosed precisely. Thanks to an innovative in-line weighing system, one hundred percent weight control is now possible for the first time. The machine achieves a maximum filling speed of 12,000 vials per hour. Up to 18,000 vials an hour are possible in the version with statistical weight control. The Romaco Macofar MicroMaxX 18 can be supplied in different containment designs. Automated processes ensure reliable operation and meet the high cGMP requirements for dosing sterile powders and liquids.

Romaco Innojet VENTILUS® V 5 processing machine

The VENTILUS® V 5 from Romaco Innojet is a compact laboratory machine for a wide range of applications. This processing machine dries, granulates and coats powders, crystals, granules, pellets and micro-tablets of any size from 10 µm to 2.0 mm in batches from 1,500 ml to 5,000 ml. Thanks to the homogeneous flow conditions in the container and the scalable spray nozzle, the VENTILUS® V 5 is equally suited for both process development and scale-up tests. The system can be monitored wirelessly and remote controlled using mobile devices at any time. This simplifies daily work in the laboratory because the lab technicians retain full control over the processes even if they are not in the immediate vicinity of the machine. For many years now, pharmaceutical manufacturers all over the world have trusted in VENTILUS® technology for laboratory, pilot or production scale solutions.

Romaco Kilian KTP 590X rotary press

The Kilian KTP 590X rotary press is the newest model in Romaco Kilian’s successful KTP series. The iF award-winning KTP press design inspired Romaco to develop a corporate industrial design to be applied to further machines. The Kilian KTP 590X, Romaco’s first single-sided rotary press specifically for compressing bi-layer and effervescent tablets, was launched just a few months ago. Two large, standard fill shoe modules allow efficient filling of the die with different powders. Tableting takes place in three steps, namely tamping, pre-compression and main compression. The use of 28/41 tooling moreover extends the dwell time, which means less risk of capping and improved tablet hardness. The new fill shoe generation has an optimized paddle design which ensures homogeneous compression of tablets with a maximum diameter of 33 mm. The Kilian KTP 590X boasts a maximum output of 511,200 tablets per hour, both mono-layer and bi-layer. The new rotary press is absolutely consistent with the Kilian philosophy: cool, fast and clean. Process temperatures of less than 30°C, fast product changes and very high hygienic standards are also the hallmarks of the new Kilian KTP 590X.

Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evolution tableting robot

The Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evolution single-stroke press is the ideal solution for laboratory applications, whether for developing new formulations or for scale-up tests. It achieves a maximum output of 1,750 tablets per hour in configurations for mono-layer, multilayer or core tablets. The compression cycles have been speeded up by more than 60% and the maximum compression force increased to 50 kN in order to simulate high speed presses. Compression force profiles for all standard rotary presses like the Romaco Kilian KTP 420X can now be determined at full power. ANALIS, the intelligent PAT software, calculates all relevant tableting parameters based on compression force or displacement controlled cycles. The remarkable precision of the test batches means powder properties can be analysed very realistically. The STYL’ONE Evolution can thus also be utilised to optimise processes or troubleshoot errors.

On show at CIPM in Changsha from November 6 to 8, 2017 (International Convention and Exhibition Center, International Hall E1-20).

Romaco Promatic PCI 915 intermittent motion cartoner

Romaco Macofar MicroMaxX microdosing machine

Romaco Innojet VENTILUS V 5 processing machine

Romaco Kilian KTP 590X rotary press

Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evolution single-stroke press