July 2019


Bionorica produit plus vite grâce à Romaco

Language: French

Emballages Magazine (Infopro Digital, Antony/France), 01/07/2019


Case study: Romaco packaging solutions at Bionorica

June 2019


协力发展 共谋未来

Language: Chinese

PharmaTEC (Vogel China, Beijing/China), 2019-03, pp 26-28


Report on the grand lab opening ceremony in Changsha

June 2019

P&C Review

Get equipped for seamless track and trace

Language: English

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review South Africa (New Media Publishing, Johannesburg/South Africa) June 2019, pp 46-47


Track & Trace interview with Nicola Orsini, Romaco Promatic

May 2019

Pharma Bio World

Laboratory Expertise Helps Unlock Potential

Language: English

Pharma Bio World (Jasubhai Group, Mumbai/India) May 2019, pp 8-12


Technical article about Romaco laboratories

May 2019


Entrevista a Nicola Orsini, director de Ventas de Productos de Romaco Promatic

Language: Spanish

Interempresas net (Interempresas Media, S.L.U. - Grupo Nova Agora, Barcelona/Spain) 07.05.2019


Track & Trace interview with Nicola Orsini, Romaco Promatic

May 2019


Hauptsache Action!

Language: German

aktiv (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln Medien GmbH, Cologne/Germany) Nr. 5, 04.05.2019, p 3


Interview from Peter Grosch with Peter Heyn, Romaco Kilian

March 2019



Language: Russian

PHTE Journal (MPE, Kiev/Ukraine) March 2019, pp 27-28


Track & Trace interview with Nicola Orsini, Romaco Promatic

January 2019

Industrie Pharma

Un granulateur couplé à un sécheur

Language: French

Industrie Pharma (Infopro Digital, Antony/France) No. 117, Jan/Feb 2019, pp 49


Innojet article from Nicolas Viudez, Industrie Pharma

January 2019


Hot Melt Devices for Pharmaceutical Coatings

Language: English

IPT Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology (Samedan Ltd, London/England) January 2019, pp 33-37


Technical paper from Kai Koch, Romaco Innojet