No compromises concerning spare parts

There are a lot of good reasons for using original spare parts from Romaco: starting with the availability across the entire machine life cycle through to the highest level of fitting accuracy.  Downtimes and complications are avoided and productivity and high product quality are maintained as the FDA-compliant components are tailor-made to the specific requirements of Romaco systems. Whether for new or older machines: Romaco provides its customers with original spare parts without delay. An extensive spare parts stock is therefore not necessary.

Other advantages

  • Availability of parts for at least ten years
  • Highest possible fitting accuracy
  • Short installation time as no subsequent fitting is required
  • Spare part kits for interval servicing
  • Individual spare parts as reinsurance components
  • Wear part set for machine startup
  • Tailor-made replacement for discontinued catalogue items
  • Local availability thanks to decentralised storage facilities