Optimum support in the production phase

In the production phase, companies face the major challenge of achieving constantly high overall equipment effectiveness. Romaco customers profit from professional support and the application of lean management tools, which allow them to achieve excellent OEE values.


Prevention of production failures
Improved production and capacity planning
Competitive advantage thanks to cost savings
Registration of daily losses and causes by means of an OEE concept

OEE audits

  • Realisation of OEE audits: Lean expertise combined with technical system know-how
  • Visualisation of losses and their causes
  • Illustration of optimisation plans


  • Preparation and implementation of organisational and technical improvements
  • Efficient fitting process under consideration of breaks and cleaning times
  • Prevention of micro stops and NOK products


  • Ongoing follow-up: Control over implementation and optimisation of improvements
  • Kaizen management, continuous effort to make saving