Romaco lifetime services from A to Z

With a reliable after-sales service and intensive, demand-oriented support, Romaco accompanies its customers throughout the entire machine life cycle: from the start-up through to the production phase. Qualified staff provides advice and assistance quickly and flexibly in all areas, day and night. Romaco provides consultation and training as well as servicing, repair and optimisation of the machines. The retrofitting and upgrade kits of Romaco are modularly compatible and support our customers in optimising the processes and increasing their return of investment.

Service Contacts

Location Telephone Number for technical hotline E-Mail Address for technical hotline
Romaco Innojet +49 7627 92377 0
Romaco Kilian +49 221 7174 120
Romaco Noack / Siebler +49 721 4804 888
Romaco Promatic / Macofar +39 051 6202507
Romaco Russia +7 495 481 41 79 101
Romaco China +86 21 6380 3899
Romaco Brazil +55 1131687992
Romaco North America +001 609 584 2500
Romaco France +33 5 53 997 427
Romaco India +91 22 69059008/09/10


Remote Service

Remote Assist from Romaco Service

Remote Assist, Romaco’s innovative online support system, works at the push of a button. All you have to do to set up a connection to Romaco is touch the “Call 4 Service” button on your machine’s HMI. One of our specialists will then be assigned to your case right away.
Our Remote Assist products let you customise your machine’s remote maintenance.

Remote Assist Modules

  • Remote Desktop in the HMI
  • Status App
  • Call 4 Service
  • Romaco Smart Glasses

Your Benefits

  • Support in real time at the push of a button: Call 4 Service
  • Targeted support from our knowledgeable experts
  • Integration in secure IT architecture
  • Direct data transfer enables rapid diagnostics
  • Machine status can be checked without accessing the control system
  • Seamless documentation because service reports are created automatically
  • No more travel expenses incurred for service assignments
  • Virtual communication using smart glasses
  • Remote servicing during the commissioning phase

Smart glasses in use on a Romaco Noack blister machine
Virtual communication with the Romaco hotline