Romaco Siebler HM 3 Strip Packaging Machines

The strip packaging machines in the Romaco Siebler HM 3 series produce four-sided sealed foil packs at very high speed. This extremely air, light and moisture-tight form of unit dose packaging is particularly ideal for pharmaceutical granules.

Benefits of the HM 3

  • cGMP design with surface finish according to pharmaceutical regulations
  • Balcony architecture and feeding unit with lifting device for optimal accessibility
  • Compact machine with a very small footprint
  • Premium sealing quality thanks to QuickSeal
  • Efficient, servo driven product feeding by means of a single or double system enables high speed processes and accurate dosing


  • Sealing patterns are individually adapted to ensure premium quality
  • Reproducible sealing parameters: pressure, temperature and time
  • Multiple heaters per sealing tool
  • Seal temperature detected by integrated temperature sensors

Efficient product feeding

  • Granule feeding system connected directly to upstream bulk feeders
  • Servo driven, high speed dosing system for high feed rates and precise dosing
  • Double packs with two different products can be implemented as an option
  • Integral dust aspiration and cooling systems

Proven design

  • Strict separation of drive modules and functional units, e.g. format tools
  • Suitable for foils with random printing or print marks
  • Print mark registration possible for both foil reels

Ergonomic format sets

  • Modular sealing station mounted on quick-change bars
  • Quick-release foil reel holders
  • Individually controllable dosing ports

Technical Data

  HM 3-350
Foil width max., in mm 360
Product lanes max. 8
Output sachets/minute max. 960
Remote Assist connection Ethernet
PDA interface OPC UA

Technical changes reserved
Other designs on request