Romaco Siebler HM 1E Strip Packaging Machines

Extreme precision and care are vital when handling effervescent tablets. The strip packaging machines in the Romaco Siebler HM 1E series meet even the strictest requirements for processing these highly sensitive products. All processes are carried out as gently as possible.


Benefits of the HM 1E

  • High availability
  • Short heating phase helps you get production started fast
  • Tightly sealed seams guarantee premium sealing quality
  • Reproducible sealing parameters
  • Optimal access for rapid cleaning and maintenance

Technical Highlights

  • Direct connection to the upstream tablet press ensures reliable product feeding
  • Either vertical or horizontal feeding
  • Horizontal vibrator efficiently eliminates breakage before the feed conveyor
  • Laminar waterfall feeder prevents broken tablets from becoming dislodged in the feeding channels
  • Infeed conveyor with anti-jam belts permits a continuous, smooth product flow to the feed station
  • Controlled movement ensures individual tablets are only dropped from a very small height

Technical Data

HM 1E-350 HM 1E-600
Max. foil width (mm) 360 600
Max. product lanes 8 12
Max. output (tablets/min.) 2000 3000
Weight (kg) Approx. 2500 Approx. 3500
Power supply
Power consumption (kW) 20 30
Compressed air (bar) 6-8 6-8
Air consumption (Nl./min.) 200 250
Remote-Assist-connection Ethernet Ethernet
PDA interface OPC UA OPC UA

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