PTT Series from Romaco Promatic

Romaco Promatic PTT is a servodriven, standalone machine, suitable to be connected downstream both intermittent and continuous motion cartoners, as well as check weighters or carton transfer systems.

Romaco Promatic PTT positively transports cartons via toothed belts running in continuous motion up to 400 cartons/min. actual production speed.

On PTT machine, various operations can be performed:

  • Laser printing or ink-jet printing on cartons
  • OCR/OCV of printed data
  • Application of label on top of cartons (vignette/bollino)
  • Barcode/datamatrix reading
  • Application of label seals on carton flaps (tamper evident)
  • Labels presence verification
  • Rejection in lockable bin (optionally sorted per type of error)

Technical Highlights

  • Balcony design for easy and fast line clearance operations
  • User friendly interface, ergonomic adjustments and changeovers
  • Flexibility to install any kind of vision system and integrate serialization software
  • Compact footprint, ideal to be integrated within existing production lines
  • All operations are performed from operator‘s side.

Technical Data

PTT 250 PTT 400
Production speed 250 400
Length (mm) 2,630 2,630
Depth (mm) 1,400 1,400
Height (mm) 1,970 1,970
Carton transport Height (mm) 900 900
Size range (mm) min. max. min. max.
A 20 120 20 90
B 15 95 15 80
C 60 210 60 210