Romaco Noack Unity 500 blister line

The Noack Unity 500 in monobloc design provides an impressive demonstration of Romaco's line competence. This fully integrated blister packaging line convinces with its very compact architecture and small footprint. It fits optimally into any production environment.

With a maximum output of 500 blisters and up to 400 cartons per minute, the Unity 500 is up among the leading performers at medium speeds. Overall equipment effectiveness is the yardstick for success here and the Unity 500 from Romaco Noack scores top marks in this discipline.

The primary packaging unit consists of a blister machine with rotary sealing, which can be configured with either a continuous or an intermittent motion cartoner.

Maximum OEE

  • Fast product changes
  • Easy to clean
  • QuickFeed: interchangeable product feeding system
  • Reproducible format parameters
  • Run-in times reduced to almost zero
  • Downtime and unit packaging costs restricted to a minimum
  • OEE audits on request
Fast product changes with QuickFeed
Fast product changes with QuickFeed


  • Integrated turnkey concept
  • Compact design with GMP compliant balcony architecture
  • Positive blister transfer principle
  • Prepared for spatial separation of the primary and secondary packaging
Direct blister transfer
Direct blister transfer


  • Automated processes with no manual adjustments
  • Separate servo drives for individual functions
  • QuickAdjust: automatic station control system
  • In-process control (IPC) without stopping the machine
  • First filling of the transfer magazine can be automated
  • Positive carton opening system
Positive carton opening system
Positive carton opening system

Technical Data

Output blisters/minute max. 500
Blister tracks max. 5
Forming cycles/minute max. 100
Cutting cycles/minute max. 100
Foil width max., in mm 214
Forming area max., in mm 170 × 204
Cutting area max., in mm 140 × 204
Forming depth max., in mm 12
Forming foil reel diameter max., in mm 700
Lidding foil reel diameter max., in mm 320
Output cartons/minute min. to max. 150 – 400
Carton dimensions, continuous motion (A × B × C) min. to max., in mm 20 × 15 × 60 to 120 × 80 × 210
Carton dimensions, intermittent motion (A × B × C) min. to max., in mm 20 × 15 × 60 to 95 × 80 × 150
Machine dimensions, continuous motion (L × W × H), in mm 9,500 × 1,740 × 2,400
Machine dimensions, intermittent motion (L × W × H), in mm 8,900 × 1,740 × 2,400
Weight (approx.), in kg, continuous motion 6,500
Weight (approx.), in kg, intermittent motion 5,800
Remote Assist connection Ethernet
PDA interface OPC UA

Technical changes reserved

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