Romaco Macofar VF Aseptic Liquid Fillers

The VF series is ideal for filling vials with parenteral medicines under strictly aseptic conditions. The machines are designed for liquid or freeze-dried products.

Vial infeed
Vial infeed

Benefits of the VF Series

  • Compact, modular design
  • Suitable for integration in any production plant
  • Rapid fitting and removal of format sets simplifies format changes and cleaning
In-line check weigher
In-line check weigher

Technical Highlights


  • Brushless motors provide flexible, repeatable and precise processes
  • Convenient access to "white" and "grey" areas
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces in "white" areas
  • Very accurate filling
  • Optimised for use with isolator technology or RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System) 
  • "Grey" area accessible from a technical area for maintenance work if the machine is installed through a wall
  • Advanced in-line process control
  • Positive bottle transport through all process stations
Linear machine concept
Linear machine concept

Technical Data

  VF 12 VF 18 VF 24
Vial diameter (mm) 16-52 16-52 16-52
Vial height(mm) 35-110 35-110 35-110
Filling volume (ml) 0.5-100 0.5-100 0.5-100
Stoppers For liquid or freeze-dried, injectable products
Max. output (vials/hour) 12000 18000 24000
No. of filing pumps 4 6 8
Power consupmtion (kVA) Approx. 17 + 1.5 (laminar flow module) Approx. 17 + 1.5 (laminar flow module) Approx. 17 + 1.5 (laminar flow module)
Air consumption (Nl./min.) 40 40 40
Compressed air (bar) 6 6 6

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