MicroRobot 50 Robotic micro dosing machine under isolator

MicroRobot 50 is the first Romaco Macofar robotic filling and closing machine specifically designed to fit under isolation technology.

MicroRobot 50 can be configured for powder and/or liquid filling (combi filling) of high potent drugs. The machine is also equipped with two closing stations, the first one for rubber stoppers and the second one for alu-caps.

The newly designed powder filling unit grants maximum accuracy also when handling higroscopic powders.

Technical highlights

  • No vials’ transport size parts thanks to operations handled by means of robots
  • Zero loss logic processes: in case of missing rubber stopper/alu cap, the robot will go back to stoppering station/alu capping station to correctly close the vials, reducing rejections
  • End of batch procedure granting minimum powder residual at the end of the batch (ideal for high value products)
  • High level of inertization thanks to gassing points located on robots’ arms, in the powder hopper and in the filling needles
  • Washing can be performed by means of robot, creating a validated cleaning process

Technical Data

Output – single dose (vials/min.) 50
Vial dimensions, diam. 16 – 52 mm
Vial dimensions, h. 35 – 110 mm
Minimum dose (Min. dosages can change according to the powder specific weight) 20 mg
Minimum dose (liquid – can vary depending on product’s characteristics) 0.5 ml
Power consumption (kW) – without L.F. 30
Compressed air 6 bar
PLC standard Schneider
Machine dimensions (Length x Width x Height, in mm) 3,950 x 1,700 x 3,000  
Weight (kg) Approx. 6,000

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