Romaco Macofar MAC Series

The capping machines in the Romaco Macofar MAC series integrate the most advanced technology for sealing cylindrical glass vials with aluminum flip-off and simple alu-caps.


  • Outstanding capping quality is provided by  individual capping stations handling one vial at a time
  • Sealing by means of individual idle blades
  • Intermittent and continuous versions are both available
  • Recipe management function 
  • Recording and management of production data
  • Capping system design reduces contamination to a minimum
  • Machine is easily accessible  for the convenience of cleaning 
  • Simple and efficient format changes. 


General overview capping machine
General overview capping machine

Technical Highlights

  • Automatic adjustment from HMI of capping pressure on each vial
  • Speed up to 24.000 vph
  • 100% actual capping pressure verification and recording of data in batch report
  • Minimum particles generation
  • In line capping quality verification available as an option
  • Rubber stopper presence and position check before sealing and rejection available as an option


Capping unit
Capping unit

Technical Data

Vials Diam., mm (min./max) 16 - 68
Vials H., mm (min./max) 35 - 140
Max. Output, vph 6,000 12,000 24,000
Closing heads 1 2 12
Motion Intermittent Intermittent Continuous
Rated power, kW 2.5
Weight, kg 800