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Romaco Kilian
STYL'ONE Single-Stroke Tablet Press

The STYL'ONE is a versatile, R&D single-stroke tablet press which can also be used to produce small clinical batches and is suitable for all tablet types. Romaco Kilian added the multilayer technology to its portfolio many decades ago and has developed it continuously ever since. The STYL'ONE / ML, the fastest single-stroke multilayer press in the world, is one outcome of these ongoing efforts.

The machine is available in two configurations:

  • STYL'ONE  Classic SL (mono-layer press; easily upgradable to ML)
  • STYL'ONE  Classic ML (multilayer press, tab-in-tab compression possible)

Benefits of the STYL'ONE

  • Multilayer production with a maximum output of 450 tablets an hour
  • Special fill shoe system allows compression of up to five layers with three different components
  • Vacuum system to prevent cross contamination between layers
Innovative filling system
Innovative filling system

Technical Highlights

  • Easy access to all product-contact-parts
  • Different feeding systems available
  • Fully instrumented for force and displacement measurements
  • Core compression feature (tab-in-tab) available
  • Detailed powder analysis with the advanced, specially designed ANALIS software
Multiple fill shoes
Multiple fill shoes