Romaco Kilian
S 710 Prime tablet press

The S 710 Prime is Romaco Kilian‘s high performance, economical solution for high volume batches. This versatile tablet press has an outstanding price-performance-ration and it still comes with many of the key features of our high-end presses. It meets various needs with its exchangeable die table. A perfect combination of high overall equipment effectiveness, best performance and proven Kilian quality.

High Performance

  • Up to 1,020,000 tab/h mono-layer
  • Up to 510,000 tab/h bi-layer
  • Compression force up to 100kN

High OEE

Fast product changeover

  • Only few product contact parts
  • Tablet chute on a swivel arm
  • Simple, tool-less handling, fast cleaning

Easy cleaning

  • Hygienic design
  • Hermetical separation between compaction and service area

Short maintenance time

  • Long lasting parts, e.g. long-life pressure rollers
  • Remote Assist

Proven Kilian Quality

  • Made in Germany
  • Good accessibility
  • Fill shoe without gear
    no heating up and easy cleaning
  • Patented brake magnets
    very low relative standard deviation
  • Only one tablet scraper with one central fix point for all formats
  • Double bladed product scraper with magnets for minimised product loss
  • Selfoptimising controller

Technical data

Machine configurations Mono-layer; Bi-layer
Numbers of press stations 85 77 63 51 51
Tooltype* (EU and TSM) B B B D KILIAN
Die type BBS BB B D D
Maximum tablet diameter (mm) 11 13 16 25 27
Maximum output (Tablet / hour) Mono-layer** 1,020,000 924,000 753,000 550,000 550,000
Maximum output (Tablet / hour) Bi-Layer** 510,000 462,000 376,500 275,000 275,000
Maximum die filling (mm) 18 20
Maximum pre-compression force (kN) 100***
Maximum main-compression force (kN) 100***
Maximum power consumption (kW) 28.3
Standard voltage (V), Frequency (Hz) 400, 50/60
Compressed air (bar) 6
Weight (kg) 5,400
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) closed 1430 x 1230 x 2072
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) open 2418 x 2618 x 2072

Technical changes reserved

* Special tools/formats available on request.
** The output depends on tablet size and compressed material.
*** Maximum punch load dependant on tablet design.