Romaco Kilian KTP 1X

The all-in-one R&D instrument to reproduce the characteristics of a rotary tablet press

KTP 1X – Your key for success

Single stroke, high speed R&D tablet press - The extension of the KTP-series into the lab

versatile – fast – clean

Your key to a versatile and more efficient development

  • Mono layer and multilayer development
    • Up to ø 40 mm and 15 mm tablet thickness

      Available with:
    • Tab in tab application
    • High containment version
  • Physical compression simulation of all Kilian presses and other common tablet presses
  • Recipe analysis and production optimisation

Your key to highest accuracy and automated development with high speed

  • Up to 80 kN compression force (tamping-, pre- and main pressure)
  • Highest accuracy and repeatability of compression force and punch distance measurement
  • Automated trials

Your key to over 100 years Kilian tableting expertise

  • Worldwide support from our Romaco Sales & Service Centers and dedicated agent network
  • KTP design for ease of cleaning and robustness
  • KTP‘s HMI operator philosophy for ease of usage
  • Connect to our KiTech laboratory with over 100 years tableting expertise
  • CO2 compensated

Technical Data

Tool type EU/TSM-B or D, specific*
Die BBS, BB, B, D, oversized*
Maximum tablet diameter (mm) 40
Maximum die filling (mm) 50
Maximum output (tablets/hour)** 1800 (mono layer)
Fill shoes (up to 3) Hand feed, gravity, paddle force feeder, core feeder
Dwell time (ms) < 2 ms can be extended up to > 3 s
Compression mode Force or displacement driven
Penetration depth Adjustable from 1 mm to 10 mm
Maximum tamping-, pre- and main compression (kN) 50, 80*
Punch movement Selectable 1 punch only or upper + lower
Standard voltage (V); frequency (Hz) 400/480 (+/- 10%); 50/60
Weight (kg) 1100

* Options specific design of tooling and/or tablet press mechanics and electronics
** The output depends on tablet size, compressed material, and compression force