Romaco Kilian K 720

The K 720 is a reliable, versatile, double sided, high speed tableting machine. Romaco Kilian has developed this press for highest Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) combining outstanding Performance, Availability and Quality.

It is available in three configurations:

  • Mono-layer tablet production
  • Bi-layer tablet production
  • Combination of the above


  • Up to 1,000,000 tabs/h as mono machine
  • Few product contact parts, minimal cleaning effort
  • Tool-less format change
  • Powerful maintenance-free torque drive for fast start-up and reduced product loss
  • Product scraper with magnets for mini-mised product loss


  • Less maintenance due to
    • Low-wear pressure rollers
    • Maintenance-free torque drive
    • Wear-free lower punch brakes
  • Longer production interval between cleaning times due to hermetical separation of the process area
  • Fast support through Remote Assist with Call4Service button


  • Patented bellow system for black spot free tablets
  • Constant brake force for better relative standard deviation due to patented lower punch brake magnets

Technical Data

Machine configurations Mono-layer; Bi-layer
Number of press stations 85 77 63 51
Tool type* (EU and TSM) B B B D
Die type BBS BB B D
Maximum tablet diameter (mm) 11 13 16 25
Maximum output** (tablets/hour) 1,020,000 924,000 753,000 550,000
Maximum die filling (mm) 18 20
Maximum pre-compression force (kN) 100***
Maximum main compression force (kN) 100***
Power (kW) 38
Standard voltage (V), frequency (Hz) 400, 50/60
Compressed air (bar) 6
Weight (kg) 5,600

* Special tools/formats available on request.
** The output depends on tablet size and compressed material.
*** Maximum punch load dependant on tablet design.

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