Am Heegwald 11 · 76227 Karlsruhe · Germany

Romaco Innojet VARIOSCALE®
Combined Pilot and Production Scale Series

Thanks to its modular design, the Romaco Innojet VARIOSCALE® permits totally variable batch sizes by combining pilot and production scale applications. The machine is designed to process bulk materials weighing anything from 5 to 500 kg. The spray and motion geometry is always identical regardless of the batch size, in other words, the product quality remains consistent no matter what the scale of the process.


  • Rectangular product container: 600 mm long and 500 mm wide
  • Several product container modules can be installed in-line for larger batches
  • Maximum filling volume: approx. 40 kg per product container
  • Batch variability from 5 to 100%: freely movable compartments integrated in the product containers
  • Option of integration in a complete production line
  • Modular architecture allows simultaneous production of different batches
  • Designed for variable batch sizes • Product diversity: suitable for particles from 2 to 30 mm in diameter
  • Special applications: ideal for sensitive products of low hardness
  • Reproducible parameters and scale-up
  • Homogeneous coating thicknesses with a smooth surface
  • Virtually no measurable spray loss
  • Flexible arrangement of coating processes based on a modular principle
  • Pneumatic product discharge at both ends
  • Integral recirculation air fans ensure an efficient supply of conditioned process air
  • Soundproofed housing