Laboratory High Shear Mixer Granulator

Pharmaceutical Wet Granulation Process

The Lab Scale High Shear Mixer Granulator has been designed to turn a fine-powder heterogeneous mixture into a uniform granulation, with increased particle size and higher density.

Used for new product development, with a technology that easily allows changing to pilot scale. And also provides useful information for industrial batches.

Innovative high-quality equipment certified by accredited entities.
Fully designed and built in Europe following regulatory requirements and the GMP´s normative.

Main Features

  • 3 interchangeable bowls of 2, 5 and 10 liters
  • Equipped with Siemens PLC and touch panel. It allows to optimize the process and take relevant parameters
  • Control of the four critical variables during the granulation:
    • Mixing speed
    • Binding liquid flow
    • Dispersion of droplets size
    • Granulation end point by Time or by Torque

More and more it is important to optimize processes before industrialization. Obviously to minimize risks in time and cost. In Innojet we have a pilot plant for testing purposes with all equipment on a pilot scale. This facility allows the client to do a complete scaling-up for each process.

Innojet offers all range of services: installation, integration in client facilities, start-up, qualification, training, and production support.

Wet Granulation

Granulation refers to the process in which primary dust particles are made to adhere to form larger entities of multiple particles called granules.
In this process of wet granulation, the granules are formed by adding an agglutinative solution.
The granulation solution contains a solvent or carrier material that must be volatile so that it can be removed by drying and not being toxic. Typical fluids include water, ethanol, and isopropanol alone or in combination. The liquid solution can be aqueous or solvent-based. Aqueous solutions have the advantage of being safer to treat than other solvents.
The granulation process combines one or more dust particles and forms a granule that will allow the formation of tablets within the required limits. In this way a predictable and repeatable process is possible and quality tablets can be produced using the Innojet technology.