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Romaco Innojet AIRCOATER®
Production Scale Series

The production scale machines in the Romaco Innojet AIRCOATER® series are intended for batch sizes from 50 to 150 kg. They provide homogeneous coating results and are designed to processfilm coatings of almost any viscosity. Several bottom spray nozzles adapted to the batch size reduce spray loss to a minimum and ensure optimal drying times.


  • Two product cycles reduce the distance travelled by the product as it is distributed
  • Shorter batch times save time and money
  • No spray liquid residues on the inner wall of the container
  • Cylindrical product container with no rotating components
  • No frictional seals inside the container
  • Optimal view of the batch process from above
  • Gas-tight operation of the system under vacuum
  • Gravimetric filling (gentle on the product)
  • Pneumatic discharge in a closed system
  • Automatic cleaning with WIP – washing in place