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Electronic Tablet and Capsule Counting Systems
in the Romaco Bosspak RTC Series

Whenever extreme accuracy and precision are required, the electronic counting systems in the Romaco Bosspak RTC series are the solution of choice. The technology is based on Quad Count, a unique optical matrix sensor which scans the products from four sides before filling them into glass or plastic bottles. The optical system is exceptionally reliable thanks to the larger count zone. The RTC series is thus particularly ideal for filling high quality and potent pharmaceuticals or for validating conventional systems.


  • Quad Count optical matrix technology provides very high counting accuracy
  • Counting sensors scan the product from all sides
  • Detection of broken and defective products
  • Products separated properly by means of rotating sorting discs
Product separation
Product separation
Primary packaging for pharmaceutical solids
Primary packaging for pharmaceutical solids

Technical Highlights

  • Special nozzles prevent dust on the counting heads
  • Dust aspiration before counting and filling
  • Continuous monitoring of the counting sensors
  • cGMP compliant design

Ease of Use

  • Quick, tool-free format changes
  • Simple cleaning
  • Fully or semi-automatic operation
  • Suitable for small to medium batch sizes