Tablet presses for research and development from Romaco Kilian – experience which pays off

Thanks to the innovative Romaco Kilian tableting solutions, companies in the pharmaceutical industry are capable of developing perfect products and therefore ensuring their success. The completely instrumented R&D and scale-up appliances from Romaco Kilian meet all customer requirements in the field of research and development as well as clinic sample production.

Romaco Kilian offers:

Single punch tablet presses for R&D applications and sample production

  • Pressing of up to five tablet layers with up to five products
  • Completely automated and instrumented
  • Different filling shoe systems for precise product feeding analysis
  • Product simulation with any types of tools
  • Compact presses with very little floor space requirements
  • Also available in containment configuration

Software solutions for R&D applications

  • Basic galenics package: The modular software package for data capture and processing of pressing tests
  • Open system, PC based with interfaces to all common industrial standard systems
  • Intuitive operation
  • Standard reports such as Heckel, force vs durability as well as reports configured by the customer
  • Additional software module: In combination with a KTP 1X R&D press, our software can run trials fully automatically, with various pre-defined parameters
  • Extended galenics package: turns your laboratory press into a fully automated laboratory robot
  • Test tab-in-tab on a laboratory scale in order to avoid e.g. “capping” behaviour or to test the core behaviour when pressing
  • Multi-layer testing with minimum quantities of product
  • Simulation of different rotary production presses and analysis of the scale-up behaviour up to over 300,000 tablets per hou
  • GMP production module with weight monitoring for sample production

Rotary tablet presses for R&D applications

  • The same easy handling and robust design as large production machines
  • Unique scale-up possibilities due to a scientific approach
  • Perfect simulation of all larger rotary presses
  • Extensive user-specific data capture possibilities

The KiTech test laboratory

In the KiTech test laboratory, customers benefit from the more than one hundred years of experience in tableting, from the results of numerous studies which Romaco Kilian has conducted, together with the University of Bonn, for example, in the area of pharmaceutical technology and in cooperation with companies.

KiTech offers an appropriate platform to

  • become acquainted with the technologies of Romaco Kilian,
  • to develop and optimise your own tableting processes and systems,
  • enhance performance efficiency in production,
  • test procedures,
  • create testing batches
  • conduct scale-up and project studies.

Experienced specialists from the fields of pharmaceutics, mechanics, electronics and mechatronics are there to advise customers. There are six press rooms with the latest technology, pressing tools and three conference rooms at the customers' disposal.

KiTech services

  • Consultation for powder optimisatio
  • Pressing tests with laboratory or production machines
  • Scale-up analyses
  • Perfect simulation of all larger rotary tablet presses
  • Development of solutions for customer-specific applications
  • Presentation and testing of the latest technology
  • Different filling shoe systems for the minimisation of the press capacity standard deviation, also when the tablet weight is changed
  • Training of the customer’s employees on-site or at Romaco Kilian in Cologne

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