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Creating Value – Romaco generates added value

  • Romaco is interested in a long-term solution partnership with its customers
  • Romaco is familiar with its customers’ critical success factors throughout the different life cycle phases of our jointly developed solutions
  • The range of services from Romaco is specifically designed for these phases and is delivered through the appropriate modular components
  • Romaco optimises the internal processes so that the customer can benefit from more secure decisions within the time gained
  • In April 2014 the new business unit Romaco Systems was founded within the Romaco Group: the aim of this unit is to integrate the offering of the Romaco Group into comprehensive solutions

Across the entire life cycle

  • Minimal life cycle costs and low TCO guarantee fast amortisation of the financial investment
  • The wide range of customer service products ensures sustainable value creation

In the investment phase (designing value)

  • Professional consulting to increase decision-making security
  • Short processing and delivery times give maximum scope for investment decision and thus optimum decision flexibility
  • Customised solutions development for the optimum preparation of the implementation phases (ramp-up and production)
  • Reliable and customer-orientated project management according to efficient milestone principles provides professional delivery

In the ramp-up phase (leveraging value)

  • The production phase is reached more quickly due to shortening of ramp-up
  • Transfer of expertise provides increased security to the customer in implementing production systems at the highest level
  • Minimisation of ramp-up costs 

In the production phase (harvesting value)

  • Maintenance of the value stream due to quick customer service response times
  • Best delivery times in service, format and spare parts
  • Consulting on the optimisation of the OEE
  • Continuous training of the customer team
  • Extension of the life span