Beyond Technology

Our customers’ objective is to achieve long-term financial success with their range of products and services. Due to the increasingly dynamic nature of the markets, with time for making decisions becoming shorter, future financial success will depend more and more on the ability to operate in a highly flexible, quick and cost-optimised fashion on the market while complying with the highest standards of quality. Previously dominant technological issues are supplemented by the demand for process and solution expertise and operational excellence. Our customers’ decisions are increasingly made under economic and time-related considerations concerning the optimisation of value creation of entire systems.

With this in mind, Romaco is changing its strategic alignment:
Romaco goes beyond technology.

Our success is based on a vigorous focus on the added economic value of the customer. We achieve this by means of a command of diverse technologies and by combining them, together with the customer, into intelligent, synergic solutions and applications with the best price/performance ratio. We consider each project from the customer’s point of view as an independent business case. We invest significantly in the optimisation of our processes, according to lean management principles, and pursue industrial leadership in our operational performance while achieving the shortest delivery times.

These principles are the guideline for people’s actions at Romaco. 550 employees at eight locations and the employees of more than 100 agents worldwide work on a daily basis on value creation both for our customers and for Romaco. There is always at least one face behind each solution; perhaps you can see one that is familiar to you on the opposite page.

We are proud of what Romaco has achieved so far.
We are ready to reinvent Romaco and we thank you for your suggestions.
We look forward to working with you and being successful together.

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