Only the right know-how allows you to extract the optimal performance from your equipment. A properly trained personnel pays off. Qualified operators use their equipment to their full potential, increasing your competitive advantage.

Romaco offers a wide range of training programs to help your team achieve the best performance levels of your equipment. Either on-site and with your equipment or in one of our training centers, you always will get a balanced mix of theoretical principles and practical exercises.

We offer operator training, maintenance training, automation training for electrical troubleshooting and specialized trainings f.ex. for quick change over or on lean principles in a production environment. You can also create your own training program together with our experts.

Your benefits:

  • Maximising the capabilities of your equipment
  • Increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Reduction of scrap and rework
  • Increased employee confidence
  • Reduction of service interventions

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