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Romaco Siebler MF 120 Tube Filling Machines

These fully automatic tube fillers combine high speed production with optimal process control and premium quality. The fragile effervescent tablets are gently filled according to the rotation principle. Transfer modules with pick & place permit a safe transport of the tubes through the packaging process enabling high output and reproducibility. Only a small number of format parts are required to retool this versatile machine ready for production. The Romaco Siebler MF 120 series is the ideal solution for large batches and blockbuster products.

Benefits of the MF 120

  • Efficient product feeding facilitates high filling rates
  • Gentle filling of effervescent tablets
  • Safe handling even of very short tubes
  • Advanced level of automation provides total process control
  • Compact machine with a very small footprint
  • Very high line compatibility

High Automation

  • Pick & place modules transfer the tubes to the filling station and discharge
  • Top performance because the tubes are transferred to the filling station in clusters
  • Integral servo technology
  • Various options for process monitoring
  • Controlled tube transfer to downstream line components

Gentle Product Handling

  • Unique rotation principle enables gentle filling of fragile effervescent products
  • Fast rotating filling tubes allow controlled rotation and erection of the tablets
  • Safe processing of even very small, thin and soft effervescent tablets
  • Lateral slides permit stress-free separation of the filling volume

Short Retooling Times

  • Designed with only a small number of compact format parts
  • Filling volume on the infeed conveyor can be adjusted independently of specific formats
  • Reproducible processes because parameters are precisely defined
  • Simple adjustment of the conveyor belt for tube transfer
  • Easy to clean


  • Bespoke feed and transfer solutions
  • Inkjet coding
  • Various stations for dust aspiration and eliminating breakage
  • Level indication

Unique Feeding

  • Reproducible adjustment of the tablet thickness
  • Tablet conveyor belt can be exchanged without tools in a matter of minutes
  • No need to secure the product feed rails to the conveyor