Am Heegwald 11 · 76227 Karlsruhe · Germany

Romaco Noack 623 High Performance Platen Sealing Machine

The Romaco Noack N623 provides innovative packaging technology at the very highest level: quick format changes and easy adjustment guarantee a very long lifetime. This intermittent motion machine is ideal for packing tablets, capsules, ampoules and syringes.

Benefits of the Romaco Noack 623

  • High performance
  • cGMP compliant
  • User friendly
  • Short retooling times
  • Optimal usage of machine capacity
  • Format data stored electronically
  • Fully accessible

Technical Highlights

  • All common thermoformable and sealable foils can be processed
  • Standard or aluminium forming
  • Die-cutting technology helps reduce waste
  • Upgrade options include automatic feeding systems, filling inspection and ejection station, print mark registration and blister transfer to an in-line cartoner
  • QuickAdjust – automatic adjustment of the coding, perforation and die-cutting processes

Technical Data

Max. output (blisters/min.) 480
Max. no. of blister lanes 6
Max. forming cycles/min. 80
Max. cutting cycles/min. 80
Max. foil width (mm) 230
Max. forming area (mm) 220 x 158
Max. forming depth (mm) 25
Max. forming foil reel diameter (mm) 700
Max. lidding foil reel diameter (mm) 300
Basic machine dimensions (L x W x H, in mm) 4600 x 1000 x 2200
Weight (kg) 2200