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Series Tunnel Romaco Macofar

Romaco Macofar depyrogenation tunnels are designed to sterilize and depyrogenize ampoules, vials, bottles and other glass containers, based on the laminar flow principle using hot sterile air (max. 340° C). Containers are transported through the sterilizing tunnel by a conveyor belt made
of stainless steel wire mesh. The tunnels are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 316 and AISI 304.


  • The tunnel is divided into 3 areas: Infeed area, Sterilizing area, Cooling area
  • The conveyor belt, made of stainless steel wire mesh, has lateral guides which avoid the vials sliding along the tunnel walls.
  • The conveyor belt remains inside the outer limits of the infeed and discharge area and is always protected by the vertical laminar air flow; during its return the belt passes outside the heated area in a closed and sealed-off environment.
  • The seal of the absolute filters is assured by ceramic fibre gaskets the area around the frames of the filters is connected to the aspiration area of the respective fans in order to create a depression between the up-stream area and the down-stream sterile area. In this way accidental infiltration of non-sterile air through the gaskets is avoided.
  • Adjustable flaps within the hot chambers guarantee the proper uniformity of air velocity of laminar flow with the consequent right uniformity of heat and temperature distribution
  • The main parameters of the process are continuously monitored and printed
  • Cool chamber sterilization with 200°C hot air (optional)

Technical Data

  T 600 H1C1 T 600 H2C2 T 800 H2C3 T 800 H3C4
Output and Speed depending on vial dimensions, glass type and weight of vial
Length (mm) 2870 3750 4500 5770
Sterilizing area length (mm) 1030 1550 1550 2190
Cooling area length (mm) 1005 1360 2110 2720
Width (mm) 1820 1820 2270 2270
Infeed conveyor belt width (mm) 550 550 850 850
Air aspirated from environment (Nmc/h.) 670 670 1000 1000
Air ejected through the chimney (Nmc/h.) 600-1750 600-1750 600-1750 600-1750
Cooling warter at 15°c (L/h) 1255 1537 2792 3074
Installed power (kW) 46,4 51 58 87
Net weight (kg) 2240 2670 4300 5060