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Romaco Macofar LVI Liquid Fillers

These intermittent motion monobloc machines are designed for filling various liquids into glass or plastic containers and are therefore optimally suited for pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications. They are extremely versatile and can be supplied in three different versions:

  • Monobloc with two integrated closing groups
  • Monobloc with one closing group separated from the filling area
  • In-line solution
Filling unit
Filling unit

Benefits of the LVI Series

  • GMP and GAMP compliant
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy access
  • Quick, toolless changeover 
  • Low operating costs
Transport systems by starwheels
Transport systems by starwheels

Technical Highlights

  • Positive closure positioning 
  • Individual, manual adjustment of the filling pumps (or automatic adjustment via the HMI panel as an option)
  • Range of different dosing systems and pumps depending on the product properties
  • Meets all sterile dosing requirements (laminar flow and remote cabinet options available) 
  • Suitable for freeze-dried products
  • Optionally with a second closing group for pipettes, spray pumps and press-on, aluminium ROPP or plastic screw caps (including child-proof) based on the same machine
  • Optionally equipped with volumetric dosing syringes or peristaltic pumps 
  • Optional closing mechanism for applying a rubber stopper to vials filled with injectable liquids
Filling pumps
Filling pumps

Technical Data

  LVI 4 LVI 6 LVI 12
Output (vials/hour) 4000 6000 12000
Filling volume (cm³) 1-500 1-350 1-30
Min. -max. vial diameter (mm) 16-75 16-75 16-36
Min. -max. vial height (mm) 35-200
Rated power (kW) 5 5 5
Compressed air (bar) 6 6 6
Size (mm) 1410 x 2778 x 1900 1410 x 2778 x 1900 1410 x 2778 x 1900
Net weight (kg) 1500 1500 1500
Basic machine dimensions (H x W x L, in mm) 1900 x 1410 x 2810 1900 x 1410 x 2810 1900 x 1410 x 2810