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Romaco Kilian
STYL'ONE Evo Single-Stroke Multilayer Tablet Press

The Romaco Kilian STYL'ONE Evolution is the all-in-one single-, multi-layer, Tab-in-Tab R&D single stroke tablet press. The machine covers all applications from early research to scale-up to production speed.

The machine is available in three personal svety configurations:

  • Standard
  • Light containment
  • High containment

Benefits of the STYL'ONE Evo

  • Allows fully aoutomated test series
  • Press analysis and optimal production achieved with very small product quantities 
  • Quick changeover to different tooling types 
  • High flexibility (suitable for all tablet types) 
  • Detailed powder analysis via intelligent PAT sofware ANALYS
  • Easy repositioning - fits upright through a standard door
  • Easy access to all product-contacted parts

Technical Highlights

  • Replication of all types of rotary tablet presses with a compression force up to 80kN
  • Fully instrumented for force and displacement measurements
  • Target thickness / density mode
  • Different fill shoe systems (option of manual feeding)
  • Special fill shoe system allows compression of up to five layers with three different components (with hand feeding five)
  • Exchangeable worktable


Innovative filling system
Innovative filling system
High tech core setting unit
High tech core setting unit
Easy core positioning
Easy core positioning

Technical data

Tool type

EU / TSM B or D, specific*


BBS, BB, B, D, oversized*

Max. tablet diameter (mm)


Max. die filling (mm)


Max. output (tablets/hour)

1,200 mono layer

Fill shoes (up to 3)

Hand feed, gravity, paddle force feeder, core feeding
Dwell time (ms) <2 ms can be extende up to >2 sec

Compression mode

Force or displacement driven

Compression zone


Max. pre and main compression (kN)

30 (to 50*)

Punch movement

Selectable: 1 punch only or upper + lower

Punch speed (mm/s) - powder bed reduction

Up to 2 x 350

Power (kW)


Standard voltage (V), frequency (Hz)

400/480 (± 10%), 50/60

Weight (kg)***


* Options: Specific design of tooling and/or tablet press mechanics and electronics
**The output depends on tablet size and material compressed.

***Machine + electrical cabinet

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