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Romaco Kilian
STYL'ONE Evo Single-Stroke Multilayer Tablet Press

The Romaco Kilian STYL'ONE Evolution is an R&D single-stroke multilayer tablet press which is ideal for producing small clinical batches at normal speed.

The machine is available in three configurations:

  • Mono-layer press (easily upgradable to multilayer) 
  • Multilayer press (easily upgradable to core press) 
  • Core tablet press (tab-in-tab)

Benefits of the STYL'ONE Evo

  • Suitable for R&D applications or small scale production 
  • Press analysis and optimal production achieved with very small product quantities 
  • Quick changeover to different tooling types 
  • High flexibility (suitable for all tablet types) 
  • Compression of up to five layers (with three different components) 
  • Compact design 
  • Easy access to all product-contacted parts
  • Machine also available in containment design for potent products

Technical Highlights

  • Simulation and analysis of production on all major industrial presses
  • Fully instrumented for force and displacement measurements
  • Target thickness / density mode
  • Different fill shoe systems (option of manual feeding)
  • Special fill shoe system allows compression of up to five layers with five different components
  • Core compression feature available
  • Detailed powder analysis with the specially designed ANALIS software


Innovative filling system
Innovative filling system
High tech core setting unit
High tech core setting unit
Easy core positioning
Easy core positioning

Technical data

Tool type

EU / TSM B or D, specific*


BBS, BB, B, D, oversized*

Max. tablet diameter (mm)


Max. die filling (mm)


Max. output (tablets/hour)

1,200 mono layer

Fill shoes (up to 3)

Hand feed, gravity, paddle force feeder, core feeding
Dwell time (ms) <2 ms can be extende up to >2 sec

Compression mode

Force or displacement driven

Compression zone


Max. pre and main compression (kN)

30 (to 50*)

Punch movement

Selectable: 1 punch only or upper + lower

Punch speed (mm/s) - powder bed reduction

Up to 2 x 350

Power (kW)


Standard voltage

400/480 V (± 10%) – 50/60 Hz

Weight (kg)***


* Options: Specific design of tooling and/or tablet press mechanics and electronics
**The output depends on tablet size and material compressed.

***Machine + electrical cabinet

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