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Laboratory Scale Series

In the smallest lab scale version, the Romaco Innojet AIRCOATER® A 025 processes batch sizes from 20 to 250 g; the next model up, the VARIOSCALE® VS 040, is designed for batches from 100 to 400 g. Tablets and solids with a wide range of shapes, sizes and densities are coated rapidly and gently with an aqueous or organic film. The mobile, all-in-one-box AIRCOATER® A 5 (batch sizes from 2 to 5 kg) and VARIOSCALE® VS 4 (batch sizes from 1 to 4 kg) can be used for larger-scale laboratory applications.


  • Ideal for developing galenics
  • Visual checks of the process through an industrial glass cover
  • No moving components in the process container and thus no frictional seals
  • AIRCOATER® A 025 and A 5 each equipped with the ROTOJET spray nozzle; VARIOSCALE® VS 040 and V 4 fitted with the LINEAJET nozzle.