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Romaco tablet and capsule counting machines – suited for all requirements

Based on decades of experience, Romaco Bosspak has launched electronic tablet and capsule counting machines with the highest counting precision worldwide. Especially for customers who are producing highly potent pharmaceuticals, the Romaco Bosspak solutions offer huge advantages. For those customers who's focus lies on excellent OEE in the filling of solid dose pharmaceuticals, the Bosspak solutions with format free counting devices with intelligent electronic counting system are ideal.


Broad spectrum of applications
Handling of tablets, oblongs and gelatine capsules in nearly any given size and shape
Extension to complete line possible thanks to compatibility with the Romaco brands Bosspak and Promatic

The solutions include modules for …

Counting of products, bottling and closing

  • Maximum counting speed up to 200 bottles/min
  • Handling of tablets, oblongs, gelatine capsules, soft gel, dragées and suppositories
  • Bottlign in both, glass and plastic bottles
  • Handling of containers with diameters from 20–150 mm and heights from 30–220 mm
  • Nearly all closures, including CRC possible
  • Packaging of bottles in foldes boxes

Various designs and materials

  • Package inserts such as instructions for use, booklets and medical products
  • Press locks and glue locks as well as various proofs of originality 
  • Coding with Ink-Jet, color stamping, laser engraving or vignette

Bundling of folded boxes

  • End packaging solution for all types of folded boxes 
  • Stretch- or shrinkage bundling